Lamborghini is refinement
luxury and perfection

President's Word

Lamborghini has always been a legendary car and the dream of every single kid ! There have always been a lot more wall posters than actual cars ! We grew up thinking about this car as an unrealistic dream which only billionaires can afford, that have to own this unpractical beast just to maintain their exclusive image of having this wild bull in their garage ! Well, now things have changed! The only thing that remains the same is the exclusive segment in which this car differentiates itself ! Otherwise there is a misconception, since now the Lamborghini legend is not only better than ever but the best ever ! It has quality , performance , handling , luxury , exclusivity and most of all affordable for many more, and in addition to this an almost maintenance free extreme car ! Not a super car ... cause we are not supercars we are lamborghini ! This club was created to share this passion experience and to spread the awareness of a totally new era of a legendary car with great heritage ... where there\'s a lot more to come ...!