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How Lamborghini Reinvented Itself
December 8th, 2017
Brightly hued Aventadors and Huracáns line the block, parked side by side. Employees stand outside the cafeteria smoking cigarettes, some in tailored suits, others in coveralls, all somehow fashionably louche. This tangle of buildings connected by outdoor walkways in Sant’Agata Bolognese, is more than just headquarters to Lamborghini, it’s an Italian dreamscape.

At the entrance of the Centro Stile (design center), Lamborghini design director Mitja Borkert is smiling. “I’ve got a surprise,” he says, as we whisk down to the basement. There, a green Countach gleams on a white tile floor. It’s the first one to ever roll off the production line. “I’ve had it down here for inspiration for me and my team,” Borkert says. “I keep hoping the museum will forget that it’s here.” Maybe it’s the setting, or the perfectly preserved specimen, but it feels as if I’ve never actually seen a Countach before—all sharp lines and outrageous proportions, the interior a feast of intriguing oddities. It’s exciting and fresh, a neat trick for a car 44 years old. The Countach came from the mind of Marcello Gandini.

He’d already penned the Miura, an icon in its own right, but it was the Countach’s radical styling that would define the brand for decades.

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